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Ethiopia - Shakisso Farm decaf

Decaf 1 box containing 7 freshdrips

More info about Freshdrip No. 4

This is Freshdrip No. 4 and this variant will always contain an exquisite decaf Ethiopian coffee. Since coffee is a seasonal fruit, the exact coffee that we use for this variant may vary, but you can rest assured that it will always be the best we can get.


The coffee we currently use for Freshdrip No. 4 hails from Oromia, one of the largest regions in Ethiopia. The Shikasso Farm has been producing organic coffees since 2001 and works closely together with medium-sized outgrowers who are specialised in this type of highland forest coffee.

As a decaf, this coffee is perfectly suited for everyone who is interested in a delicious cup of coffee without the effects of caffeine.


Expect a delicious clean cup with notes of lemon, milk chocolate and peach.

Freshdrip Ethiopia - Shakisso Farm decaf

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