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Irmas Pereiras Farm

Pulped natural Box with 7 freshdrips
Dark roast

Product is niet langer op voorraad.

More info about Freshdrip No. 2 - SOLD OUT

This is Freshdrip No. 2 and this variant will always contain an exquisite pulped natural Brazilian coffee. Since coffee is a seasonal fruit, the exact coffee that we use for this variant may vary, but you can rest assured that it'll always be the best we can get.


The coffee we currently use for Freshdrip No. 2 comes from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, a large inland state in the southeast of the country. The farm has been in the hands of the same family for over 40 years and is internationally recognised for the high quality of its coffees.

Located at 1.300 meters above sea level, the farm enjoys a temperate climate with lots of sunshine and regular rains, giving its coffees their traditional full body and medium-high acidity.


Expect a clean and mild cup with a syrup-like mouthfeel notes of chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla.

This coffee has a dark roast.

Freshdrip Irmas Pereiras Farm

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