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Freshdrip launches in The Philippines

Freshdrip launches in The Philippines

At the start of this year, we did not know where our business was headed. Bankcruptcy was just as likely as a staggering recovery.

For a company that has seen many ups and downs, the coronavirus posed a serious challenge that one one had anticipated bar a few experts. Yet, despite the impact on tourism and international trade, Freshdrip has overcome another difficult time with a spectacular recovery.

Thanks to some incredibly exciting new partnerships in places like Qatar, The Netherlands and France, we are on track to surpass our 2019 full year results.

And we're ready to take on world. One of our latest parterships is with a Philippines based distribution company called Hygge who is launching Freshdrip in this vibrant Asian country this month.

"Being from Asia, we have only tried the Japan-founded UCC drip bags. This one is not readily available yet in the Philippines though, as we only get it from our trips to Japan. We're ready for something better," said Hygge's Patricia Coronel.

Already the main distributor of Oatly and some other exciting brands, Hygge seemed like a natural partner for us to enter a new territory.

We're excited to see where this collaboration goes and look forward to supplying Philippino coffee lovers with our delicious drip bags for many years to come


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