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Time to up the in-room coffee experience

Time to up the in-room coffee experience

Frequent travellers will know this problem. You arrive at your fancy hotel after a long trip, you have a wonderful shower to wash off the remnants of the flight, you slip into fresh clothes and inspect the minibar to see what they've got. Usually, the fridge will offer all popular favourites including Snickers bars, Coca-Cola, beer, spirits and so on, but when it comes to coffee the vast majority of hotels offers nothing but instant coffee or capsules, and that's what they consider luxury.

When we launched Freshdrip, our goal was to transform the in-room coffee experience into something delicious and exciting and hotels like The Hoxton Amsterdam and Zoku Hotel were amongst the first to truly understand that today's informed customers expect better than a sad packet of 3-in-1 instant coffee or germ-infested pod machines.

Especially those establishments that put a great deal of effort into running outstanding cafés, often serving specialty coffee and employed highly-trained baristas, should reconsider their budget when it comes to coffee. We've received countless emails and messages from overjoyed Hoxton guests who couldn't believe their luck when they discovered our little coffee filters in their rooms instead of packets of instant coffee. "You literally made my day just now," Josie Juneau from London said.

"If only every hotel had Freshdrip, I wouldn't have to carry my coffee-travel-kit around with me all the time," Sophie Radke from Cologne posted on her blog. Freshdrip is such a simple addition that can make all the difference to a guest who is paying top dollar for that design hotel room and who might otherwise leave the hotel in search of good coffee. 

"Well-heeled customers simply expect better than to find a tired old capsule machine in their $250 boutique hotel room."

"Whenever I travel somewhere on business, I always check The Coffeevine to see which café might be near me so that I don't have to endure the awful in-room coffee at my hotel," Tomi Cafferata told us.

In recent years, specialty coffee bars and roasters have popped up in all major cities alongside dedicated coffee festivals and a number of leading coffee blogs that have helped to educate the discerning customer on what great coffee should really taste like. It's a development that's similar to what wine and craft beer went through before and that continues to grow at a staggering rate.

Indeed, more and more articles are pointing at a growing frustration amongst well-informed guests who are tired of finding pod/capsule machines in their rooms. Frankly, they expect better from a hotel where they're paying €250 a night and more. Not to mention that pod and capsule machines can also be real health hazards if not descaled and cleaned properly. 

That's where Freshdrip comes in and can offer all serious establishments a real alternative to overpriced and dated capsule machines. Here's why:

  • Freshdrip is always ready to go
  • Freshdrip does not require a custom-machine
  • A machine that must first be purchased and then regularly serviced
  • Freshdrip recreates the ritual of making a fresh cup of coffee at home
  • It is the only product out there that perfectly complements a HORECA operation that serves specialty coffee prepared by baristas or has the ambition to do so
  • It's innovative, fresh and creating a whole new coffee experience unseen in Europe so far

Are you the owner or F&B manager of a design/boutique hotel who wants to make a difference? Just reach out to us and we can advise you on which Freshdrip product would best suit your needs.

Join our fast-growing list of forward-thinking hotels that are changing the game.


Time to up the in-room coffee experience Time to up the in-room coffee experience
Put freshdrip in your pocket, purse or bag
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