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Taking Freshdrip into the wild

Taking Freshdrip into the wild

Picture yourself waking up at the foot of an imposing mountain range. That feeling of being utterly free and back in touch with nature. And as you wake up and the sun rises above the peaks, you fire up your little gas cooker to boil some water and then… What happens then. Do you get out your jar of instant coffee or do you pull out Freshdrip?

It’s a fundamental question that is as powerful as it is simple. Do you stir or do you brew?

When we set out to create Freshdrip, we always had a very clear idea of what we wanted it to do. Put simply, we wanted Freshdrip to allow people to make a great cup of coffee literally anywhere with only hot water and a mug.

Adventure-seekers, mountaineers, hikers, festival-goers, you name it. They are the people who will put together their essential survival kits for when they’re out and about and coffee is almost always a part of that. But now, there is a fabulous alternative for freeze-dried coffee: real, barista-quality coffee on the go.

From the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island to national parks in Poland, our happy outdoor-loving customers have already taken Freshdrip to the wildest of places and this is only the beginning. With this year’s camping season just around the corner, we are looking forward to seeing where Freshdrip will be putting a smile on people’s faces all over the world.

Each sachet is the size of two credit cards, it fits into any pocket or rucksack and by being individually wrapped for freshness, you get an amazing cup of coffee every single time. Now, if that’s not real freedom, we don’t know what is.

Share your story with us and tell us where you brew.


(Pictures courtesy of Coffeedesk and Coffee Tea Trip)

Taking Freshdrip into the wild Taking Freshdrip into the wild
Put freshdrip in your pocket, purse or bag
and take it wherever you go.

Ok maybe except to the moon. Although....

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