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Introducing our new roast profiles

Introducing our new roast profiles

When we first launched Freshdrip late last year, our mission was a completely different one. Our goal was to offer specialty coffee lovers a cool new way to drink coffee on the move. It was not meant to replace whole beans, merely complement someone's repertoire. 

After some initial successes, including winning The Hoxton Hotel, Harrods, Kochhaus and a number of independent retailers as customers and running some in-depth customer satisfaction surveys, we came to the conclusion that we had slightly missed the mark. While we had all the best intentions to create an amazing product, we naïvely thought that the market would be big enough for us to make Freshdrip a hit.

It wasn't, or at least we couldn't sell as much as we had hoped to. Thus, a change of strategy had to come about. After speaking to everyday coffee drinkers on the street, our own customers and potential hospitality and retail customers, we realised that our product had to change to become truly mass-friendly.

Therefore, we're thrilled to introduce our new roast range that spans from dark to bright, offering something for truly everyone. Naturally, we will continue to work with our existing selection of exquisite single origin specialty coffees and have made sure that each roast, even the dark ones, still bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee. 

Since May this year, our coffees come with the following profiles:

Freshdrip No.1 - Ethiopia, Biftu Gudina washed: medium roast (mild)

Freshdrip No.2 - Brazil, Irmas Pereira Farm pulped natural: dark roast (strong)

Freshdrip No.3 - Ethiopia, Ambela natural: bright roast (vibrant)

Freshdrip No.4 - Ethiopia, Shakisso Farm decaf: bright roast (vibrant)

First reactions to our new range have been tremendous and new partners are joining Freshdrip every week. From Google to Bever and Zoku Hotel, Freshdrip is truly on a roll. As one F&B manager said to us during a meeting this week: "I only drink espresso but this is damn good coffee."

When are you ordering yours? ;-)

Introducing our new roast profiles Introducing our new roast profiles Introducing our new roast profiles Introducing our new roast profiles
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