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How the barista in your pocket was born

How the barista in your pocket was born

Surely you’ve been there too. You finally arrive at your hotel after a long journey, check into your room and you just want to take a moment to relax and find yourself in your temporary new environment. Some people will crack open a beer from the minibar while others will rummage through the cupboards in search of coffee and that’s where the disappointment hits you. There’s only instant coffee or a capsule machine.

It’s crazy to think that for the longest time we just accepted that there simply wasn’t anything better out there. Unless, of course, you are one of those few die-hard coffee fans who take their homemade travel kits with them wherever they go. We feel you. We did the same thing, ALL THE TIME.

But there is an easier way. While travelling in Japan in 2016, our founder Alex Kitain came across a solution that is so common-place across the Far East that it simply baffled him why no one had thought of bringing it to Europe. It combines the convenience of instant coffee with the joy of making fresh filter coffee without the need for grinders, beans, scales or any other piece of equipment. And the best part? It’s pocket-sized so you can take it anywhere.

As he travelled around the country, he came across a large number of wildly different versions of this so-called ‘café drip’ that had one thing in common: the brands were forgettable and the coffees tasted awful.

It wasn’t until he reached Kyoto and stumbled upon a tiny coffee bar at the back of a carpark that he finally found a version that tasted incredible, because the roaster put his own delicious Ethiopia, Aricha natural inside. What a game changer that was!

Upon his return to Amsterdam, Alex set out to create his own take on this ingenious invention by building a fun and friendly brand and using four yummy single origin coffees that would offer something for every taste.

When Freshdrip launched at the end of 2017, it was and still remains to this day, the only company to produce single-portion coffee filters filled with specialty coffee on European soil that can offer you barista-quality coffee from a sachet in your pocket.

Are you ready to join the movement?


How the barista in your pocket was born How the barista in your pocket was born
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