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How Freshdrip can help hotels offer a unique breakfast experience

How Freshdrip can help hotels offer a unique breakfast experience

There is no doubt that the coronavirus has had a terrible impact on the hospitality sector and the long-term effect of national lockdowns on tourism are truly devastating.

With hotels around the world forced to close for weeks on end and new social-distancing rules bound to have a long-lasting impact on many aspects of hospitality for the foreseeable future, many hoteliers now need to ask themselves how they can successfully adapt to avoid going out of business.

While social-distancing will most certainly be possible as long as the guest stays confined to his or her room, other vital elements such as the restaurant, the bar or even the lobby will have to be reinvented to ensure the risk of spreading this virus is contained.

During a recent phone call with an F&B manager at a large hotel group, it was revealed that everything from buffets to room service had to be changed and that efforts were being made to create an alternative offering that would put as little strain on restaurant and house-keeping staff while delivering a suitable solution to guests in all hotel categories.

Coffee, no doubt, will continue to play a huge role, possibly even more so than before when guests could simply pop downstairs to get a barista-made flat white in the lobby or order a fresh pot of coffee during breakfast.

In this new reality, the aforementioned options simply won't be feasible.

That's where Freshdrip comes in. There are several factors that speak in favour of replacing current in-room coffee solutions with our single-use coffee drippers that already applied pre-covid19 and a few new ones that are the result of this unique situation.

  • Each freshdrip comes individually wrapped and vacuum sealed, allowing any hotel guest to safely brew a fresh cup of coffee in their rooms in just 3 minutes
  • Room service won't have to coordinate dozens of food and coffee orders, creating extra complexity
  • Coffee won't be delivered spilled or cold by the time it reaches the room
  • Guests can freely choose which of our three coffees they fancy the most and brew them when it suits them
  • Hotels can choose to offer Freshdrip free of charge or as an add-on on the breakfast menu and in turn, create an additional revenue source
  • Freshdrip is easy to roll out. You only need a nice mug and a hot water source, thereby eliminating the need for disposable paper cups
  • Last but not least, while capsules surely have their purpose, no one wants a tiny espresso to go with their nice breakfast. They want a proper cup of coffee.

New grab-go breakfast options, pantries or reinvented room-service menus offer a unique opportunity to incorporate Freshdrip into any existing setup without any additional costs to the revenue model. Freshdrip can be sold like any other coffee option.

At a time when snackification and convenience are becoming ever more important, hoteliers need to rethink how they approach key hotel guest experiences while showing that they're innovative and inventive.

Freshdrip can help hotels elevate the in-room coffee moments to new heights as has been previously been seen at the likes of The Hoxton, Sweets Hotels, St. George Hotel and many more.

We also offer the option of co-branding or custom design for larger partners.

Now's the time to take things up a notch and we're ready to help you get there.

How Freshdrip can help hotels offer a unique breakfast experience How Freshdrip can help hotels offer a unique breakfast experience How Freshdrip can help hotels offer a unique breakfast experience
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