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In Stock Box with 7 freshdrips
100% Arabica coffee

More info about Colombia full-strength

Freshdrip is awesome coffee, wherever, whenever.

Based on super-convenient and innovative Japanese design, each Freshdrip filter contains 10g of expertly sourced and precision-roasted coffee conveniently packed into a single-serve filter. Just pour hot water in and get great coffee out.

Freshdrip is the perfect companion for anyone who loves the ritual of making fresh coffee without the hassle. We only use single-origin coffees from selected countries and our packaging is completely recyclable.

Where do you want to rip, drip and sip some awesome coffee? The world is your oyster.

"Our favourite coffee for on the go." - Lonely Planet

"Always a great cup of coffee in your pocket." - Esquire


This is our single origin full-strength Colombia that has a bold taste with a full body.

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