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A call for distributors and retailer

A call for distributors and retailer

Since we launched Freshdrip in 2017, we've had the huge pleasure of working with a wide range of exciting retail partners like Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Bever, Kochhaus, Hutspot and many more.

It's helped us to put our innovative and super handy single-serve coffee drippers on the shelves across Europe and further afield and introduced thousands of customers to a brand new way of brewing coffee on the go.

Since introducing our updated range with a new look and feel at the end of 2019 and also, in part, due to changes in consumer behaviour, interest in our products has soared and we're experiencing a big increase in interest from distributors, retailers and consumers alike who are discovering Freshdrip and want to be part of our movement.

This couldn't be coming at a better time. Freshdrip is a super safe and hygenic product that offers the ultimate coffee experience without the need to disinfect a coffee maker or worry that someone else already put his hands on your coffee. Every Freshdrip comes individually wrapped so you get the best taste every time.

Whether you are a boutique distributor of fine foods, a hotel brand or you're a big retailer looking for a really exciting innovation, we are happy to chat and see how we could help each other by creating a valuable business relationship and together, growing this exciting new category in convenience coffee products.

Furthermore, we recently added some new products to our offering that are only available on a wholesale basis in the Dutch market. This includes a brand of coffee drippers with a lower price point that is perfect for retail.

Just reach out to our competent team who will take the it from there.



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