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About Freshdrip

Freshdrip is Europe’s first single portion coffee filter filled with only the most delicious specialty coffees. It is the easiest and tastiest way to make a great cup of coffee literally anywhere. All you need is Freshdrip, hot water and a mug.

While travelling around Japan in late 2016, founder Alex Kitain came across these ‘café drips’, as they are more commonly known in the Far East, in almost every hotel and Airbnb he stayed at and simply couldn’t believe that no one was selling them in Europe.

After returning to Amsterdam, he immediately got to work to create a unique, fun and premium brand that would combine specialty coffee with the most convenient way to make a great cup of coffee ever invented. Before long, Freshdrip was born and ready to hit the market with four carefully selected single origin coffees and quickly gained the interest of leading hotels, retailers and coffee professionals.

“This is the only product I know that offers this level of quality and convenience in one.” - Lex Wenneker, 3-time Dutch Barista Champion

“Before offering Freshdrip in our rooms, not a single guest ever said anything about the coffee on TripAdvisor. Now, our profile is full of amazing reviews!” - Lisa Devlin, Head of Housekeeping at The Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam

“Morning coffee crisis averted, thanks to Freshdrip.” - @unitedbaristas on Instagram.


About Freshdrip

Alex Kitain is a well-known figure in the specialty coffee world, having previously founded The Coffeevine, makers of Europe’s most exciting coffee subscription and publishers of hundreds of globally-trusted café reviews.

He lives in Amsterdam and drinks a lot of coffee. Seriously, a lot.

Put freshdrip in your pocket, purse or bag
and take it wherever you go.

Ok maybe except to the moon. Although....

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