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About Freshdrip

Freshdrip is the dream child of coincidence and the desire to make great coffee more accessible. During a visit to Japan in 2016, Freshdrip founder Alex Kitain first came across single serve filter coffee bags sold by a specialty coffee roaster in Kyoto, and they blew his socks off.

Never before had he tasted such exquisite coffee from a simple ready-to-go product like this and he made it his mission to bring the concept to Europe (and the rest of the world).

After many months of research, tasting dozens of coffees and developing a product that would truly add value to the life of anyone who appreciates a great cup of coffee, Alex was ready to launch Freshdrip, the first European company to offer a carefully selected range of only the freshest and most delicious specialty coffees using this ingenious Japanese technology. 

Gone are the days when a great cup of coffee was difficult to come by. Freshdrip is the barista in your pocket and you can use it literally anywhere.


Does that sound crazy to you?

Go on and give it a shot because the only thing that’s crazy about Freshdrip is how good it is.



About Freshdrip

As the founder of The Coffeevine, makers of Europe’s most exciting monthly coffee box, Alex brings with him a refined taste for great coffee and years of experience of working with the world’s leading roasters and their finest coffees. He drinks a lot of coffee. Like really a lot.

Put freshdrip in your pocket, purse or bag
and take it wherever you go.

Ok maybe except to the moon. Although....

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